HCD Training + Instruction

I always thought there might be a teacher hidden inside me – turns out I was right! I get so much joy from teaching people how to harness human-centered design to make our workplaces, products, systems and lives better.

No matter what I’m working on or who I’m working with, my subtle goal is always to role model how HCD works and to build capacity within organizations to go out and do it themselves. Here are a few examples of workshops and trainings I’ve created, and training organizations I’m affiliated with:


Custom Trainings for Organizations

I often partner with organizations to design and run human-centered design or design thinking trainings for their team. In a recent example, I was asked by a global think tank to design and run a human-centered design training for fifteen senior officials from Saudi Arabia. Our challenge question: how might we design policy alternatives to deal with terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia? Over the course of two hours, we set the stage for why and how HCD adds value in a government context, then used various activities and methods to explore the problem further and generate new solutions. The session ended with each official creating a concept poster of their idea to pitch to their peers.


HCD Tools for Wayfinding in Life

I’m especially passionate about using human-centered design methods to explore our purpose and potential in life. Through my site, Wayfinders Collective, I’ve created a number of free tools that enable anyone to apply the human-centered design principles of curiosity, empathy, exploration and rapid prototyping to designing a life they love.

Check out Wayfinders Collective and try to the tools for yourself!


IDEO U’s Online Courses

I’m extremely fortunate to be a part of the IDEO U Teaching Team, a distributed network of human-centered design practitioners, consultants and instructors who support thousands of global learners across all of IDEO U’s design thinking courses. As a Teaching Lead, I lead a small team of Teaching Assistants as we support learners going through three of IDEO U’s flagship courses: Insights for Innovation, From Ideas to Action, and Human-Centered Service Design.


Integrating Coaching and HCD Training

In addition to my design work, I am also a trained Co-Active Coach through the Coaches Training Institute. Many of CTI’s foundational principles are incredibly aligned with the things we know to be true about human-centered design – including being curious, developing empathy for the human experience, creative play, brainstorming, and even rapid iteration. As an HCD instructor, I love bringing elements of my coaching practice into my workshops and find that it often opens up new dialog and collaboration opportunities that had previously been untapped.