Design Thinking and Coaching: A Match Made in Heaven


As a user experience consultant and designer, I’ve been living the values of design thinking for many years. Some of these – design with, not for; lead with empathy; seek inspiration to inform innovation – are ones that have come easily to me (like a one-sport athlete, these muscles are very strong). Others – like showing my work early and building to think – have required consistent practice and a lot of creative confidence.

After many years practicing design thinking methods and approaches, I now can’t separate how I work from how design thinking works; it’s just part of my muscle memory.

When I decided earlier in 2018 to put my career on a new path and commit to coaches training, I assumed I’d be starting from scratch and building up entirely new muscles. And sure, there are a lot of new coaching skills that I’ve begun to strengthen and will need years to master. But what’s surprised me most is how similar, and also complementary, design thinking and coaching really are.

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