Open. Big. Fast. Connected. Long.

I was lucky to come across this TED talk by Katherine Fulton, President of Monitor in Cambridge, MA and I just felt the need to share it. "You Are the Future of Philanthropy" is a compelling, articulate discussion of 5 emerging trends that Ms. Fulton has witnessed in philanthropy today:

  • Mass Collaboration
  • Online Philanthropy Marketplaces
  • Aggregated Giving
  • Innovation Competitions
  • Social Investing

She talks about how philanthropy and foundations need to be "Open, Big, Fast, Connected and Long" and that innovation and entrepreneurship in philanthropy are creating a new, unified community of philanthropists.

Ms. Fulton ends her 12-minute presentation on a poignant note - talking about legacy and the kind of role models we, as everyday citizens and empowered philanthropists, want to be for future generations.

A must watch!