The Changebase Turns 1

first birthdayI’m incredibly pleased to announce that May marks the one year anniversary of The Changebase! It’s amazing to think that what started out as just a small experiment has actually become one of the most fulfilling projects I’ve ever worked on.

The Changebase has not only been a great vehicle to learn and share ideas, but it has given me an incredible opportunity to meet and connect with people doing great work in our communities and around the world.

I have been overwhelmed by the interest people have shown in my writing and I so appreciate all of the feedback, advice and support each of you has given me.

I’m definitely looking forward to Year Two!

In the spirit of celebrating, I thought I’d create a “Top Ten” list for my most favorite* posts from the last year. Enjoy and thanks again!


The Changebase Top Ten

10. It's Too Late to be a Pessimist

9. Diary of an Intern: My Summer in Corporate Giving

8. Defining Local

7. What Yoga Can Teach Us About Sustainability

6. Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.

5. The Challenge of Translating Sustainability

4. High Risk, High Reward

3. Want a CSR Job? Read This First.

2. The Value of Storytelling

1. Request from a CSR Job Seeker 

*In this context “favorite" means: the posts I most enjoyed writing, as well as the ones that were most popular with readers and on Twitter.