Share Your Stories on The Changebase

Hi Readers, As you know, one of my goals for The Changebase is to open this forum up for you to tell your own story. After all, you're interested in creating change and making a difference in your community - which, by default, means you have your own tales to tell.

With that in mind I'm thrilled to announce that Alicia Conway - MBA student, world-traveler, and a dear friend of mine - has written The Changebase's first Creating story, and it's a great one.

We talk about social entrepreneurship; that is, innovators looking to create new systems and programs that solve pressing problems. But what about people who see value in making change from within existing organizations? These social intrapreneurs are doing great work, too, and Alicia's post highlights some of the "internal changemaking" learning she's doing through conferences and other events at her business school.

Thanks, Alicia, for contributing your thoughts and enthusiasm to The Changebase! I hope everyone enjoys Alicia's post, The Value of Change from Within, as much as I did.