Nature's Entrepreneurs

As I mentioned in a previous post, one of the challenges when talking about sustainability is wondering how you (or I) could possibly do anything to help the dire situation our planet is facing. One of the most exciting parts of my Global Sustainability class from last week was the discussion of how entrepreneurs and innovators are looking at sustainability not as a problem, but as an opportunity.

An opportunity to make a difference, yes. But also an opportunity to make money.

Last week my classmates and I were asked to cull through various news sources to identify how entrepreneurs are developing new and innovative technologies to create both "quick wins" and "game changers" in the field of sustainability. We identified a variety of ideas that are already in-use or on their way to launch, including:

In short, sustainability is an area filled with opportunity for both social changemakers and profit-driven entrepreneurs (or, if you're like me, someone looking to do both).

One area that's particularly inspiring for entrepreneurs to look for opportunities and solutions is nature itself. In fact, the field of Biomimicry looks to nature as a source of inspiration, innovation, and answers for our current sustainability challenges.

I recently came across an interesting talk by Janine Benyus, president of the Biomimicry Institute, about looking for answers from our planet's first entrepreneur: nature itself.

I hope you enjoy it.